By purchasing you acknowledge to having read, understood and agree to our policies, terms and conditions. Some of these vehicles may be restricted, limited or prohibited in certain areas.  It is your responsibility to comply by regulations and laws where you will be using our products.


All new electric scooters purchased through Orange County Scooters come with a 1 year limited warranty.

Warranty begins on day of arrival or pickup.

Warranty covers manufacturer factory defects such as battery, motor, controller, display (limited to electrical failure not impact damage).

Replacement parts will only be warranted the first time within the warranted period.  Subsequent warranty claims for the same part are subject extra charge or denial for coverage due to improper use, overloading, or negligence.

If defective upon arrival, contact us within 1 week for a replacement.

Please read the product manual before setup and use to avoid any issues.

Contact us at (714) 264-8682 or email orangecountyscooters@hotmail.com to request help if you have any issues with your scooter.

Examples of what is not covered under warranty:

Normal wear items such as tires, brakes, grips, hardware, frame, suspension, pole, folding mechanisms, lights, fenders and most exterior parts which may be subjected to weather, accidents and external forces beyond our or your control.

Overloading, overuse, abuse, negligence, water damage, accidents, weather exposure.

Most scooters we sell are rated to a max load of 265lbs (refer to product details for specific model) overloading may cause motor, controller, or battery failure. For example, constant throttle at full power with a heavy rider going uphill or on a hot day may result in overheating.

Modifications and alterations may void warranty.

Normal wear, oxidization, fading.

Damage from improper servicing such as motor damage resulting from damaging cable during tire change.

How to care and prevent damage to your scooter:

Read the user manual before setting up and riding.

Refer to the user manual and any material we post for proper use and maintenance.

Check tire pressure regularly (most tires use 45psi) to avoid flats and wear.  Improper tire pressure may cause innertube to become pinched when running over obstacles.

Low tire pressure or riding with a flat tire may result in motor(s) and/or controller(s) overheating and failing.  This is not covered under warranty, falls under negligence. 

If you feel your scooter becomes sluggish, slower then ususal, unstable, reduced mileage then you may just have a low or flat tire.

Do not submerge in water, ride in rain, leave uncovered outside overnight.  Avoid moisture as much as possible.

If you need tire or brake service please contact us before trying it on your own.  If you can bring the scooter to us for proper service please do so.  If not then we can help guide you or provide you with instructions and videos.

Some bike shops may be able to help with servicing your tires and brakes in case you cant come to us or have a scooter shop near you.

Contact us for help with installing warranty parts or any other factory replacement parts you buy from us.